*NEW* Filming and Plot Details for “THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2” – #TASM2


In an interesting profile in the Wall Street Journal, fresh details on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 shoot in NYC are revealed including a tantalizing hint that maybe Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) has moved beyond high school. 

Article Highlights: 
-As previously reported, all filming will occur in NYC. 

-Tax incentives from New York allow the production to recoup 30% of expenses. 

-Filming, which began on Feb 1st. is expected to last 151 days. 

-One day will be spent filming in Times Square. 

-50-65 days will be spent filming in Long Island 

-Set construction hints that Peter and/or Gwen are no longer in high school as there’s a mockup of a Columbia University female dormitory room. 

-There are hints of a flashback occurring with a set construction that harkens back to a 1945 subway station. 

– A chase scene will be filmed at some point in Rochester.


Since this is coming from the Wall Street Journal I will count it credbile. Stay tuned to MrMovieMan for more information. 


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