It is official. JJ Abrams will be directing the new Star Wars movie due out in 2015 and the stars are coming out to give praise.

As interesting as a JJ Abrams Star Wars is going to be… I would have loved to see the Ben Affleck version
— Kyle Higgins (@KyleDHiggins) January 25, 2013

no one on the planet has more nerd credit in the bank that jj abrams, now watch how thankless a job directing a star wars is.

JJ Abrams doing very well at Nerd Franchise Pokemon.
— Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) January 24, 2013

“@mathiuss_arg:Im a big fan from Argentina. True that JJ Abrahms is going to direct Star Wars?” True!
— roberto orci (@boborci) January 25, 2013

So glad J.J. got the Star Wars gig.Really excited to see what he’ll do with it.
— Paul_Dini (@Paul_Dini) January 25, 2013

Congratulations Mr.J.J.!All eyes on you to tell us what the hell the future of space travel is gonna be!
— Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) January 24, 2013

Hey, JJ Abrams. You know…you know…
— Zachary Levi (@ZacharyLevi) January 24, 2013

On behalf of all Star Wars fans, we extend the hand of friendship to Star Trek fans everywhere. The Force choking hand of friendship.
— Death Star PR (@DeathStarPR) January 25, 2013

Congrats on the Star Wars gig, JJ Abrams. I have a pitch for making the franchise cool again: put Batman in it.
— The Batman (@God_Damn_Batman) January 25, 2013

If J.J. Abrams turns me into a smoke monster in the new Star Wars movie, I’m going to be pissed.
— Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth) January 25, 2013


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