*NEW* “300” SEQUEL TITLE REVEALED!!! #ZackSynder #300

The sequel to 300 (originally believed to be called 300: Battle of Artemisia) will instead be directed by Noam Murro (Smart People), a fairly unconventional choice. The cast has been filling out nicely over the past few months, with Rodrigo Santoro returning as Xerxes and Eva Green set to play Artemisia. The film wil apparently serve as both a prequel AND sequel to 300, but there’s not an awful lot of details currently available about either the plot or tone we should expect. However, we now have one more detail – not that it sheds an awful lot of light on anything important – and that is a brand new title for the sequel. 

300 sequel is now called 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, according to Warner Bros.


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