*NEW* “THANOS” to Appear in “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY” #Marvel #2014 #Thanos


During the Q&A session published only three days ago, Kevin Feige revealed the reason he and the studio are moving forward with Guardians of the Galaxy is because he “wanted to do something with it space.” He continues, “I’ve got a story I wanted to tell the world [that is] not directly related with the characters of “The Avengers,” [until?] a little later.” While the Guardians & The Avengers aren’t exactly “related,” it’s strongly believed the former movie will lead directly into the latter’s upcoming sequel in 2015; hence “a little later.” 

Moving along, that response prompted the interviewer to bring up the otherworldly villain, Thanos, who made his live-action debut during Marvel’s The Avengers mid-credits stinger. After being asked flat out would the Mad Titan appear in Guardians of the Galaxy, Feige apparently grins before saying, “I’m out (laughs) of course, because there is meaning [to the credits stinger].” Considering the so-far confirmed Guardians roster includes characters linked to Thanos, his inclusion is almost inevitable. However, today it’s seemingly been confirmed. 


Guardians of the Galaxy is set to be release August 1st 2014


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