Im just gonna keep this short and sweet, because if i don’t I will ruin the whole movie.

Christopher Nolan has turned “The Batman” series from a comic book hero to a legend that will be remembered forever. On 12:01 Friday morning, I had the privilege to view the movie in the only way anyone should see it, IMAX. 

The Dark Knight Rises is by far “the best movie of 2012”. Christopher Nolan and company brings the “epic” to this conclusion of the “Dark Knight” trilogy. The “A list” cast from Morgan Freeman to Marion Cotillard give their best performances from beginning to end.

Anne Hathaway has been dubbed in my book “the sexiest Catwoman”. She brings her own style and attitude to the character of Selina Kyle. Christopher Nolan definitely knew who to cast for the feline character and I could NEVER disagree with his choice. 

Tom Hardy brings a very edgy, frightening performance to the terrorist Bane. His performance is right up there with Heath Ledger’s performance and should be recognized. Bane brings terror to Gotham City in an epic way, which everyone has to see. 

I believe next years Oscars are going to be really interesting and especially when Nolan is nominated for best director for this movie. If he doesnt, THE ACADEMY IS OUT OF THEIR FREAKING MINDS!!!

MrMovieMan gives this movie 10 out of 10


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