Check out some of the reactions, coming from numerous sites such as/Film (Peter Sciretta), Collider (Steven Weintraub), AMC Theaters (John Campea), and many others right below…

DREDD is a lot of fun. A return to 80s action, The Raid meets Robocop on a mini scale. great use of high fps slow mo 3D Gritty & violent

DREDD was a super hard R and a lot better than I thought it would be. Again….super hard R. 3D was also great.

Dredd 3D – Uh yea, that was awesome. Badass, loved it. Yes, the helmet never comes off. Liked it more than The Raid, a lot more, honestly.

I know there’s going to be endless arguments about The Raid and how this compares, which is better, yadda yadda, but I still loved Dredd.

@firstshowing the trailer was lacking proper dialog. Is the film like that?

@AralKizilkaya Nah, its got plenty of good dialogue. Alex Garland wrote the script! Damn good job, too.

Dredd is super solid. Great music and fun action wrapped around a simple, straight narrative. Minor reservations are secondary. It’s tight.

DREDD is like an ’80s Paul Verhoeven sci-fi movie with gratuitous bloody violence. I loved it. @lionsgatemovies@CraveOnline 

Think I just saw the most violent movie I’ve ever seen in my life! 

I liked Dredd a lot more second time around. It’s not The Raid, but then what is? Apart from The Raid, of course.

: not too dumb, not too smart, very bloody, fun.

On a pop fascist level DREDD makes STARSHIP TROOPERS look like BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN 

Props to Lena Heady: her few center stage moments are tremendous. Great villain.  

Additionally, here’s the longer version of Empire‘s reaction toward the movie.

We’re delighted to say that it’s a solid, often excellent adaptation, and not at all Dreddful. (Sorry, had to do it.) Karl Urban is excellent as the grizzled gunslinger (and yes, the helmet stays on throughout, which will please fans of the comic no end), growling his lines like a man who’s just gritted his driveway using only his teeth, and the ultra-violence (which, in a way, may please fans while damaging its commercial chances) is presented stylishly. It has problems – it’s bound to suffer comparisons to The Raid, with which it shares a basic plot, but has little of the invention or pulsating pace of that movie’s fight scenes. It has a significantly smaller budget than the rest of this year’s comic book movie crop, and at times it shows. But it’s worth seeing for Urban alone, who erases any memories of the awful Sly Stallone vehicle from 1995.

UPDATE: Yet another lengthy reaction has made its way online, this time coming from Total Film. Check it out right below…

Despite rumours of rifts during production, Garland and Travis have created a horribly gorgeous vision of dystopian future where monolithic housing towers are run by criminal gangs – and policing is undertaken by judge/jury/execution officers, Judges. Urban certainly has the downturned mouth and super-cool, gravelly delivery to pull off Dredd’s nonchalance but he’s aided by Garland’s smart, fast script, a relentless flow of Rorschach Test blood sprays from bone-shattering brutality, eye-poppingly beautiful 3D visuals and peppy banter with Thirlby. The body count is high, the humour grim and the violence stylishly graphic and reminiscent of Sin City (scenes involving a drug called Slo-Mo are visually intoxicating).


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