“Marvel’s The Avengers” on 3D Blu-ray and DVD September 25th #Marvel #3D #TheAvengers

The 4-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo pack comes loaded with an audio commentary from director Joss Whedon, a ton of deleted scenes including an alternate ending and a scene with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) reuniting with an Old Betty, a featurette, and a new Marvel One-Shot short film titled Item 47, which may give us just a tiny bit more of Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson.

According to the good folks at Collider, a mega-huge 10-disc set is also being planned for the near future.

Here is a rundown of the special features along with the cover art.

Avengers DVD #1
Avengers DVD #2
Avengers DVD #3

Special Features


  • Audio Commentary by director Joss Whedon
  • Marvel One-Shot: Item 47
  • Second Screen
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scene: Maria Hill Interrogation
- Extended Scene – Loki & Barton Strategize
- Steve Rogers – Man Out of Time
- Nick Fury & World Security Council
- Extended Viaduct Fight – Raw Footage
- Fury & Hill Discuss the World Security Council
- Extended Scene – Bannerand Security Guard
- Alternate Ending – Maria Hill Interrogation
  • Featurettes: A Visual Journey
- Assembling the Ultimate Team

  • Soundgarden Music Video – “Live to Rise”

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