MR.MOVIEMAN Reviews: “THE AVENGERS 3D” #Marvel #MarvelsTheAvengers

It has been a long time since I have been entertained at the movies lately, but my expectations were changed when this morning I saw “Marvels The Avengers in 3D”.

The movie exceeded my expectations far more than I realized. When the movie first started, it starts with a jolt into the mythical universe that is Marvel, which is to me, the perfect start. (Don’t worry, im not giving away any spoilers in this review)

This movie definitely brings the laughs but the action is far beyond epic. The comedic side doesnt interrupt the mood or plot of the movie, the movie was so badass it just added to the epicness,  but be prepared to laugh your socks off and cheer because “The Avengers” brings it home.

In terms of character standouts, The Hulk stole the show, the interpretation was awesome, and somewhat scary, but freaking awesome. Mark Ruffalo made the Hulk his, I believe that Marvel made the right decision by casting him for this role.

In  terms of the 3D, I found it to be a vital tool, it enhance the environment of the movie and the epic battle at the climax of the movie. There was some parts where the 3D wasnt focus and clear but it came together when it needed to. If you like 3D films, go and judge for yourself. I give the 3D a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Overall, if you want to be entertained this weekend go check out “The Avengers” in theaters and save your money from buying the bootleg copies because you would want to experience this epic film in theaters and it SOOOOOO not worth it watching it from your couch.

I give “Marvels The Avengers” a 5 out of 5 stars


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