*RUMOR* RunTime for “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES” Revealed? #WB #DarkKnightRises

So, 2 hours 40 mins. Just slightly longer than The Dark Knight which clocked in at roughly 2 hours 33 mins. If of course, this is accurate. With the new trailer confirmed to be screening before The Avengers, it’s reasonable to assume the run-time info also shipped out to theaters with that. Still, if you read the synopsis below, it seems to be a be a new one – and a made up/paraphrased one at that! They may also be guessing at the run-time, so don’t take this as gospel for now. If it is on the level, I’m sure most fans will be very happy with 2 hours 40 mins anyway.

Small update from What Culture regarding that trailer. It seems we will be getting some new character posters along with it. Not surprising, but nice to know. Keep an eye out for em.

 Warner Bros will be kick-starting the final phases of big marketing for the movie and a series of posters will also hit with the trailer. This will likely include character banners of Batman, Catwoman and Bane, with big billboard artwork reveals also likely.


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