*NEW* THE AVENGERS” To Be Released on DVD/Blu-Ray in September

While promoting the film Disney released information on the 100 million dollars in marketing support for the film and giving the month the DVD and Blu Ray will be released which can be read in the article below.

Variety reports that Marvel and Disney have acquired an estimated $100 million in worldwide marketing support for The Avengers. This is their largest promotion push yet, with companies including Acura, Dr. Pepper, Visa, Wyndham hotels, Harley-Davidson, Land O’Frost lunchmeats, Farmers Insurance, Hershey, Symantec, Oracle, Colantotte and Red Baron pizza having all signed up. Their aim is to develop strong relationships with these brands moving forward and you may recall that many of them have already played a role in past Marvel Studios films.

“It’s really a strong core of partners that have been partners for many of these pictures,” said Bob Sabouni, exec VP, worldwide marketing partnerships, Marvel Entertainment. “We’re building a thematic universe (with these films), and (the returning brand partners) are very much part of that. There are certain core partners that we are going to always work with, but this movie’s appeal is so broad that we have a wider target of partners we can go to and create programs with.”

The site goes on to reveal that most of these advertising campaigns will launch on April 1st (although we have already seen a fair few of them) and many are expected to continue right up until it is released on DVD and Blu-ray this September. They also mention that Marvel and Disney’s primary marketing plan will revolve around TV spots,; radio, print, online and in-store ads; in-theater promos; art on packaging; plus sweepstakes, social media, games and comic book tie-in’s. For more details about their marketing plans, be sure to click on the link below.


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