*NEW* Critic Reviews for “WRAITH OF THE TITANS”

Apparently “WRAITH” is good on action but not on story says the sources below. But these are just the first reviews, wait until more show up.



If even a tenth of the care and attention lavished on the production design and action sequences had been afforded the script, this could have been an adventure of legendary proportions. As it is, this fizzles whenever anyone opens their mouths.


Source: Empire Online

This leads me to the conclusion that Wrath Of The Titans is at its most entertaining when the characters give up on the dull dialogue and simply let the action do the talking. Director Jonathan Liebesman (World Invasion: Battle LA) deserves credit for the well choreographed fight sequences that make good use of both sound and visual effects. Those who enjoy action? Buy a ticket. Those in search of a captivating story? Look elsewhere.


Source: The Film Pie

he impressive and imaginative action sequences will certainly entertain, and there are hints of the epic film that it wants to be shining through everywhere, but the ADD style of filmmaking just doesn’t do it justice. And at only 99 minutes, it’s not as if Liebesmann could not have added some more time to allow the film’s interesting plot to unfold naturally, instead of being given this cue-cards edition. And like so many Greek stories, that really is a tragedy.


Source: The Movies

On the one hand breathtaking, and on the other infuriating, the entire enterprise charges along as if the finish line is in sight from the opening credits. You wonder if the producers are permanently scared of modern audiences’ supposed attention deficit disorder. Although Wrath of the Titans does work as popcorn extravaganza there are apparently scenes providing explanation and intellectual impetus on the digital equivalent of the cutting room floor.


Source: What Culture



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