*NEW* Possible Trailer Description for Second “Avengers” Trailer

The trailer begins with Nick Fury addressing the idea that he had to collect powerful beings to face the battles that we could never win. This speech is interspersed with the Fury police, the army and the armed forces, and probably also agents of SHIELD, being destroyed by trying to stop Loki. This first part ends with the Fury saying “Gentlemen, it is now with you.”

We then see Captain America in action doing some stunts on top of cars destroyed in a NY, ending in a forest with him throwing the shield toward the screen. Black Widow riding a bike shooting at a vehicle with her bracelet and another shot with her dressed a little more intimate, beating some guys. We also see Thor flying with Mjolnir hitting shots and landing in a forest. Hawkeye launching an arrow that explodes the door of an elevator and he launched another arrow in an elevator which is rising. This second arrow sticks in the lift and drop a rope, safe and Hawkye that goes along with the elevator. Very nice scene. Then we have Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk in the same place since the first trailer and ending with Tony entering the Iron Man armor and a kind of missile chasing a big city.

Then appears on screen logo of Marvel and Paramount. Do not understand why not Disney.

We see all the heroes entering a room, just exchanging looks, and they seem very fond of each other, feeling that is confirmed in the scene where Tony, after making a silly, Cap asks him is everything always just comedy or something like that, and Tony responds something I do not remember now. I loved the scene.

In the room a part of the floor opens and Nick Fury comes and says that our planet has never faced a threat like this, and that these heroes must leave their differences aside and fight together, and that just so we hope. As he speaks we see that Tony Stark dropped to only part of the armor cap and ran toward him, Tony raises his arm in the position that will throw a lightning bolt and the cap puts the shield in front. Then we see Thor fight with Cap and Iron Man in a forest, with Thor directing a punch in the face of the direction of Cap that protects the shell, but the impact of the punch throws Cap few yards away. Finally, we see all the Avengers (I think) on top of a bridge fight with the Hulk. In the scene, one of my favorites on the trailer, we see the Cap kneeling on the floor while the Hulk makes a motion with the leg as it was to smash it and protecting it with the shield. We also see the Hulk holding the leg of the Iron Man and playing too hard on the ground and flying debris from the armor, and ends with a blow simultaneously with the Hulk hitting a punch in the face of it hitting the Thor and Mjolnir in the face of the Hulk , that part in slow motion.

After more than Fury’s speech, saying that if the heroes do not cooperate and to “fight together” … So we see Iron Man lying on the ground, and several future points to his head (I’m sure they are the aliens), the Mjolnir on ground and in the background Thor lying on the floor with his arms raised toward the Mjolnir, Cap and also lying on the ground. The scene of the HF and Cap seem to pass the film’s climax, destroyed in NY, but Thor was in an enclosed area, I think even seen the first trailer when the Mjolnir goes to his direction. Fury says back off “together” and we see Thor giving his hand to his cap and taking off the ground and with the Iron Man armor on fire falling toward the ground and the Hulk leaping toward him in a position that would probably grab it. I confess I was slightly thrilling part of this trailer.

Then we have a pretty cool scene. We see some planes and helicopters coming out of nowhere, but then a huge aircraft will appear on the site, and where it is found that the planes and the helicopters are leaving. The scene is pretty cool, because the aircraft, which is actually the Helicarrier, coming out of stealth mode will little by little and little by little we have is the size of this ship, which covers a good part of town. Within it (apparently) see the Fury talking to Loki who is in a jail cell. Loki says that Fury has been taking some desperate measures recently, and then Fury starts quoting some of his crimes as “killing for fun” and says that he forced him to take desperate measures, “I had to form a nice group to stop it. ” Then we see Loki coming off and face, and beating each Avenger once in the same location. I think that only the Hulk does not appear in this sequence. The last one showing up is Thor, who is standing face to face Loki in the same place he had fallen earlier in the trailer, saying “I’m not alone, brother,” and Loki responds “I do not.”

I loved that part, though simple. Thor is my favorite movie of Marvel, because these two characters, and tone that Chris uses in the scene, with a deep sadness and making it clear he still likes of Loki and the second saying his dialogue in an extremely cold (as in interrogation scene involving the Fury) and making it clear that unlike Thor, he no longer nourish no more feeling for his brother, really moved me.

After that “I do not” Loki several vessels hover over the golden city. Some of these aliens are dispatched ships, while they shoot beams and missiles against the city with the population in absolute chaos. The aliens are very similar to each other physically, but some are green, others blue or purple, and some wear a helmet protecting his face. I do not know if they’ve painted in comics, but were not Kreese nor the Skrulls, that’s for sure.

So we have a scene that goes on inside the helmet of Iron Man armor with all those displayers. In one window we see the cap that says “and then continues to find it so funny?” And Stark says “Jarvis, cut the connection.”

We see the Helicarrier above the clouds with some alien craft and shooting him Helicarrier fighting back. Soon after we see the Helicarrier cutting the clouds and falling toward the city. Inside we see the aircraft being rattled several agents, including the Fury. The scene gives the size of the aircraft that will make a beautiful fall damage.

Once we have the last sequence of the trailer, packed with action. I remember riding the Hawkye Quinjet, which is silver and dark red, throwing in some of these ships and a ship hitting a Quinjet Wings and he leaves falling, this time we discovered that in addition to Hawkye Widow and Cap are also in Quinjet. We are fighting with Cap Loki in a night scene, with the cap falling to the ground and going Loki with his spear into the chest of the Cap, when Iron Man arrives intervening in introducing several shots Loki. Then we have some more action in the forest, after Thor and Iron Man flying together and destroying some of the alien ships, Hulk with one foot on top of an alien and throwing a large object in the direction of several other aliens, and saying at the end of scene “Strike.” We see Black Widow taking an alien to protect themselves from bullets fired by another alien, Cap in a night scene by jumping from Quinjet, Iron Man, Thor and Loki in fighting with RA, Hawkye aiming for a ship arrives while another without realizing it and throwing Hulk jumps shots in the direction of protecting the Hawkye, launching a missile Nick Fury, Thor and Cap fighting together against some aliens, Black Widow Hawkye shooting and shooting arrows together, Iron Man under the sea chasing something, Loki Hulk jumping and flying toward him when he points to the pro Hulk throws and throws a thunderbolt. The sequence ends. Of course, the scenes did not occur exactly in this sequence that I mentioned.

Appears on the screen “The Avengers”. And then we have the best scene in the trailer: Loki in the air smiling on top of a building, there is much noise, and his eyes are following something, and we see a kind of dragon / snake around the city is destroying everything, it’s going toward the Avengers who are all together. We see the heroes and frightened, and Hawkye going with the arm in his basket of arrows and discovering that only have one. The scene ends with Captain America shouting “Avengers Assemble!”
This was one of the scenes completed, but it was full of cuts, each “step” of the monster gave a screen flash, and it was something I enjoyed, because it only has the size to be something really monstrous, yet without revealing details. The scene actually shivered. Those present applauded for a long time.

The sender went on to offer a review of the trailer, with the only negative thing about it being that Nick Fury’s speeches were “boring and only has the function to explain the initiative The Avengers”. And this was also what he and other viewers were asked to write down on a drawing board, evidently showcasing their evaluation of the footage.

I must admit I loved the previous trailer, but compared to the first trailer that seems to independent film. What I saw was a good amount of money spent on this film, though not a part of the trailer ended. But what was done, I promise diverse and exciting action scenes. And the Hulk is incredible in motion. Do not know if it was completely finished, but only in his first scene in the trailer, in the transformation has already taken a bath in the other two Hulk.

Another thing I liked was the 3D. Yes, displayed in 3D. Apparently the focus will leap off the screen objects, as I see Cap’s shield and the arrow of Hawkye coming in my direction, and the scene where the Hulk goes with the leg up the Cap to try to crush it. There was a girl who cried in that scene. Another cool scene was the displayers with helmet armor Tony. Had a nice 3D effect for a few seconds I thought I really was in control of the armor, coming to mess with the neck to the left. I do not know if it was recorded in 3D or converted, but what I saw looks like it will be something that will only add in the fun, especially on an IMAX.

Another positive point was that this trailer did not look like an “Iron Man and his friends.” The trailer was also longer than normal. It’s 3 minutes and 15 seconds. I know this because while the trailer was being shown at the bottom of the screen time was being timed. One of the directors revealed that this is the length of the trailer to be released by the end of January.


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