DaEntJunkie’s Review of “X-Men: First Class” *SPOILER FREE*

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X-Men First Class will “WOW” the audiences this weekend. The movie chronicles the origin of the first set of mutants becoming the X-Men during the 1960’s. The story itself had similar plot lines to the original 2000 hit X-Men but with new storylines.  The actors in the movie are very well talented and highly in tuned with their characters. The plot in general, was put together better than I had expected. The pacing of the film was well done, First Class was never boring in any part of the film and was excellently put together giving enough time for character development.

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James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have great on-screen chemistry together which shows through Charles and Erik’s relationship on screen.


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James McAvoy extremely captures the same essence of Charles Xavier like Patrick Stewart did for the original “X-Men”. If you look at this movie and the original “X-Men” you would think that Stewart is McAvoy but younger, hipper and wiser.

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Jennifer Lawrence really captured the sexiness and physique of Mystique. Her character was like putty in the hands of a child which showed a lot during the movie.

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Kevin Bacon surprised me with his performance as Sabastian Shaw, he really caught me off guard and while watching his character, i saw many connections to the Magneto character through Shaw which the “Magneto” fans and audiences would enjoy.



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The movie overall was the best “Marvel” movie  next to THOR which is saying much.  I give the movie a 9.3



2 comments on “DaEntJunkie’s Review of “X-Men: First Class” *SPOILER FREE*

  1. THE best Marvel Movie so far… hell… better than THOR

    You just gotta to ignore XMen3 and Wolverine origins… oh and how about Hugh’s cameo?
    Thought it was pretty funny

    some continuity problems which could have been embedded, with the 3 films but- on its own, its a hit-breaker

    Why did the black guy have to die if he could adapt to survive?

    Kevin Bacon was MENACING and very INTIMIDATING

    Michael and James had great chemistry… a little gay at times but good… reminded me of Kirsten Dunst and Tobey….

    January Jones was bad boddied…. she did good but they should have gotten some one more better looking… she is such a stiff actress

    Jennifer Lawrence was great… she had a pie face

    Confused: didnt Mystique have a synthesized voice in the Xmen films? I didnt hear that in X3 or this

    The guy who played Banshee reminded me of Ron(HarryPotter)

    Havok was amazing… he was like a mini-John Cena

    BEAST and Azeal was EPIC … now that the fight we needed to see… we didnt get anything like this in the other xmen films… No Juggernaut vs. Colossus … no Nightcrawler vs. Toad

    The dude with hurricanes and $#!t was str8

    The CIA was punks

    Now FOX has to decide if this is a reboot or prequal (which i really dont see)

    Just hope MARVEL get the rights back


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