*NEW* AVATAR 2 and 3 to film at Manhattan Beach

Cameron and 20th Century Fox have signed a lease for studio space at MBS Media Campus in Manhattan Beach, according to news from The Hollywood Reporter. They will use the studio and office facility for the motion capture and production of both Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 – sequels to the biggest selling film in cinematic history.

The lot, which also boasts 15 sound studios, is expected to become the new home of Cameron’s own production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, during the filming process. Of the 580,000 square feet available at MBS Media Campus, sources claim that Cameron will be leasing 90,000 square foot of production and office space.

The 2009 film, Avatar, which starred Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang, has grossed almost $3 billion dollars worldwide, the film, which pushed the boundaries of 3D technology and motion capture, was the result of over twelve years worth of work on Cameron’s part to bring the project to life.

The first sequel, the as-yet untitled Avatar 2, is pencilled in for a 2014 release and will take us into the watery depths of rain forest planet, Pandora. In January it was reported that Cameron had commissioned the construction of a new submersible to take him 36,000 feet below sea level into the Mariana Trench, it will be only the second ever manned decent into the trench.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter




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