*NEW* Detailed Description of “Captain America: The First Avenger” Trailer

ComicBookMovie has revealed a detailed description of the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger which could be read below:

Opening scene. Recruitment.

Calling: “ROGERS. STEVEN.”

Doctors are looking at Pre Super-Soldier Serum Steve.

Steve: “Just give me a chance!”
Doctor: “Sorry, son! *Takes a paper. Stamps REJECTED!*”
Doctor (or not): “Just saving your life.”

Paramount. Marvel Studios. Cut to Camp Lehigh.

Col. Chester Phillips (Peggy Carter by his side) says to standing soldiers & Steve: “General Patton has said, that wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.”

Steve (Pre Super-Soldier Serum) gets beaten by someone on the streets. Takes a part of garbage can as his shield.

The guy, that beat Steve: “You just don’t know when to give up, do you?”

Steve (looking all angry at this guy): “I can do this all day!”

Sadly, Steve takes another beating from the guy.

Chester Phillips (looking at soldiers & Steve): “Our goal is to create the greatest army in history!”

Cut to Bucky (in army uniform) & Steve (in normal clothes):

Bucky: “I should be going with you.”
Steve: “I know you think I can’t do this!”
Bucky: “This isn’t about (something), Steve, this is war!”

Chester Phillips: “Every army begins with one man!”

Cut to Abraham Erskine & Steve:

Abraham to Steve: “Five tries in five different cities.”

* Soldiers walking by in camp

Abraham to Steve: “I can offer you a chance!”

Cut to Steve in Camp, receiving some special envelope. Abraham Erskine in coat & hat standing by Chester Phillips next to Steve & other soldiers.

Chester Phillips: “He (Steve) will be the first in a new breed of Super-Soldiers!”

Cosmic Cube? Some explosions. Peggy Carter & Steve together.

Steve: “Why me?” (chamber, full of scientists, generals. Steve gets inside the vita-rays capsule)

Abraham: “Because alignment, because of value, of strength, because of value of power.”

Steve gets injected by something, saying: “That wasn’t so bad.”
Someone replies to Steve: “That was penicillin.”

First look at Howard Stark, looking real smart & classy.

Chester Phillips: “We are going to win this war because we have the best man!”

Abraham to Howard: “Now, mr. Stark!”

Chester Phillips: “They will personally deliver (or something, I don’t remember) Hitler to the gates of hell!”

* Really good & long view of Steve’s painful transformation into Super-Soldier. Lights out! *Some army music plays* Everyone is shocked to see the brand new Steve Rogers. Howard Stark & Abraham Erskine are amazed.

Peggy Carter: “How do you feel?”

* Cut to streets of New York (the ones, we’ve seen on set pictures – looking realistic), people walking by.

Steve: “Taller”

* Cut to some icy lands.

Someone says to Steve: “Your task won’t be simple!”

* Cut to Heinz Kruger’s submarine, Steve is breaking it, asks Heinz: “Who the hell are you?”

Heinz Kruger: “The first of many!”

* Cut to some gunshots & Peggy, car explosion (the one we’ve seen on set video).

Someone says to Steve: “Your enemy is not, what you expect!”

* Cut to the big army of HYDRA & Johann Schmidt (not the Red Skull yet).

Steve & the Howling Commandos are inside some factory, with Schmidt’s goons around. Johann takes his human mask off & we get to see first full & clear shot of Red Skull’s face, that now looks even more violently red, than it was in the tv-spot.

Cut to Howling Commandos wrecking sht & kicking butt, big explosions (some of them we’ve seen in the tv-spot), flying spaceship (here it looks incomplete, more CGI-ish), HYDRA firemen making a fire circle around Cap & HYDRA men in the forrest near some car.

Steve (in his army uniform): “Don’t know if I can do this!”

Cap & HYDRA on motorcycles, chasing him through the forest. Another explosion! Cap jumps on one of the HYDRA soldiers’ car!

Abraham’s voice (to Steve): “That’s why you were chosen!”

Cap, possibly in HYDRA headquarters, fighting the Red Skull (not sure about this one, but looked like it).

Arnim Zola’s lab, more explosions.


Steve (to Peggy, holding his unpainted silver shield – tv-spot moment): “What do you think?”
Peggy: “I think it works!”

Captain America: The First Avenger comes to theaters July 22nd in 3D


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