The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Not in 3D. Or is it?

According to Summit Entertainment, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will not be shot in 3D, meaning they won’t be using 3D cameras (or James Cameron’s special 3D fusion camera system) to capture Bella, Edward and Jacob on their final journey. However, Summit did not say anything about whether the film(s) will eventually be converted to 3D, so that’s still a possibility. See what I mean by half an answer?

What will most likely happen here is that once filming begins, Summit will convert a portion of the footage to 3D to see how it looks. That’s what most of these major productions have been doing when it comes to conversions, and there’s no way Summit will make a final decision without first testing a scene or two to see how it flies with an extra dimension tacked on.

Sure, there’s a potential to make a ton more money by offering a 3D version of the final two films to moviegoers, but from a fan’s perspective you have to make sure Breaking Dawn is the sort of material that belongs in 3D. Are there a few action scenes that might look pretty cool? Yes. But overall it seems Breaking Dawn is more heavy drama than packed with action, so hopefully Summit looks at the material and makes the right decision for their fans instead of their wallets.

Source : Fandango


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