Underworld 4 scheduled for January 2012 release

Sony has announced 21 January 2012 as the release date for a sequel to Len Wiseman’s vampires vs Lycans series. It is rumoured that the movie will continue with Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) after the events of Underworld: Evolution.

EmpireOnline.com reports
It’s the traditional slot for the vampires-v-werewolves series (i.e. buried in the quiet period after Christmas), for which there’s talk of 3D, of course, and of the return of Mrs Wiseman herself Kate Beckinsale to the role of leather catsuited vamp Trinity knock-off Seline. BD reports that her role will be reduced, although reducing it from the third film, which she wasn’t in, would be tough. That was a prequel though, whereas Underworld 3D continues on from Underworld: Evolution. Seline now has two daughters, and there’s talk of torch-passing… Underworld: The Next Generation?


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