David Fincher says “Spider-Man Reboot is Risky”

Although he won’t be directing the reboot, Fincher told MTV News that while he feels that the reboot is exciting, it also carries some drawbacks as well.

“It’s risky,” offered Fincher. “They’re taking some risks. It’s not like they’re getting a conventional director. They’re going at it in a different way… They’re rolling the dice. I think that’s always exciting.”

“I took a meeting and I easily got myself out of that one,” related Fincher. “I’ve never been interested in superhero movies. I just could not imagine someone getting bitten by a radioactive spider.”

“I can’t imagine Garfield in spandex, I can’t imagine his being comfortable,” said Fincher. “He’s a wonderful actor, he’s incredibly skilled and empathic and a lovely guy. So it’s nice to see that.”


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