Now that the trailer has been released, I can give my analysis on it. First of all, the trailer was EPIC. This is in my opinion the best Harry Potter trailer ever. They gave us some old footage with also a lot of new footage. What really got my attention and excitement was two phrases in the trailer (The last two photos that can be seen below).  Many scenes in the trailer showed much action and adventure, it ought to leave the fans pleased. I have been hearing why isn’t there a trailer just for “PART 1”. Well my answer is that this is just a “Hype Trailer” so everyone can get excited that it is about to drop later this fall. And it has been reported that this trailer will be played as a preview to the start of Twilight: Eclipse this Wednesday. I have nothing on Twilight, but Twilight CAN’T measure to Harry Potter status.  I don’t know why young people everywhere is making a big deal about it, everyone that read the books already know who Bella is going to pick. Got all these useless campaigns talking about VOTE TEAM EDWARD or TEAM JACOB, its just a waste of time and money. But to end on a good note, this trailer kept me on the end of my seat. This trailer really is the true definition of the word “EPIC”.

Below is the official logo of both films


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